What is the Reading Celebration?

  • Students will earn Book Bucks each week to spend on books at the Reading Celebration. Mrs.Watson has been collecting books all year with our Scholastic bonus coupons. There will be tons and tons of books to give away. Every child will go home with brand new books to enjoy.

  • The day will be full of fun activities. Some of the activities from previous celebrations have included: sound stories, buddy reading, guest readers, family reading time, illustration stations, the reading game show, reading with expression contest, library scavenger hunt, and the reading treasure hunt.

When is Reading Celebration 2010?

  • Mrs. Watson's class will be celebrating on Friday, June 18. We will start at 9:00 am and the students will go home at 2:45 pm to get ready for the evening. Students will return to school at 5:30 for supper and a night full of fun. The students will be picked up the next morning at 10:00am.

Why are you having a Reading Celebration?

  • To celebrate the students' hard work all year and the huge amount of progress they have made.

  • To encourage extra reading at a time of year when many students start reading less with the nice weather and longer days.

We love reading in Mrs. Watson's class!
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A look back at Reading Celebration 2008
Reading Celebration 2008 on PhotoPeach

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