Activity Ideas

Reading Celebration Activity Ideas

1. Use a "thermometer" chart on a bulletin board to keep track of minutes read or pages read. Have each class participating keep track for six to eight weeks prior to the celebration.
2. Set up tipis or tents to read in.
3. Dress up as characters from books kids have read or would like to read.
4. Decorate your classroom door as a book.
5. Make “Reading” pillowcases or t-shirts pillows decorated with fabric crayons or felts.
6. Guest readers
7. Poster contest to advertise the celebration and/or the benefits of reading.
8. Reading with expression contest.
9. Survey students and staff and determine their favorite books.
10. Have a literacy scavenger hunt in the library.
11. Buddy reading with as many classes in the school as possible to get everyone involved.
12. Set-up an illustration station with how to draw and cartooning books
13. Reading treasure hunt around the school with a treasure of books to find at the final clue
14. Readers theatres and student written puppet shows
15. Skype with another class that is also participating
16. Skype with a famous author (many do free 10-20 meet the author calls for free)
17. Have a reading game show based on books the class has read